Sales Marketing
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    1. A bachelor's degree in Marketing, Psychology, Communications, Advertising, or a Business Management related subject.
    2. Minimum 5 years’ experience in a marketing role.
    3. Minimum 3 years’ experience in a management role.
    4. Fluent level of both spoken and written English.
    5. Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.
    6. Superior interpersonal and organisational skills.
    7. Confidence to use initiative.
    8. A positive and approachable manner.
    9. Good time management skills and the ability to prioritise.
    10. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
    11. Adaptability to change.
    12. Willingness to embrace new ideas and processes.
    13. Interest in developing your own skills and knowledge.
    14. The ability to be challenged on your advice and to accept criticism.
    15. Able to make quick but rational decisions when working under pressure


    1. Leading the development of all marketing plans.
    2. Ensuring the implementation of effective marketing strategies.
    3. Focusing on growing audiences and the uptake for products and services.
    4. Reviewing and reporting on all areas of the marketing strategies and its implementation.
    5. Developing the corporate brand identity in consultation with senior managers, executives, and partners.
    6. Managing creative agencies and retainer partners.
    7. Collaborating with senior team members across all departments to uncover insights and create innovative marketing and branding strategies.
    8. Identifying ways to grow the marketing department and secure resources.
    9. Sourcing talent to ensure the curation and retention of specialist skill sets across your teams.
    10. Monitoring, reviewing, and reporting on all marketing activities, results, and Return on Investment (ROI).
    11. Conducting strategic marketing analysis that will help guide marketing messages.
    12. Overseeing social media planning and execution.
    13. Consistently identifying new or expanded revenue opportunities and strategising the implementation of plans.
    14. Conception, development and implementation of marketing plans and strategies, product concepts and promotional programmes to drive interest and sales.
    15. Working to continuously ensure the company marketing goals are communicated across the entire organisation and improving the company’s marketing outreach efforts.
    16. Ensuring that all current marketing and copyright regulations comply with accepted professional standards, policies, procedures, and legislation.
    17. Promoting and embedding strong and inspirational leadership to the entire team by demonstrating the company’s values and championing the leadership behaviour framework.
    18. Efficiently managing annual marketing budgets.
    19. Routinely sharing strategies, progress, results, learnings, and relevant industry trends, with the broader team.